Program updates:

2020-05-13: Prehatch treatments beginning throughout the county throughout April and May.

2020-05-13: Our field technicians are finding and treating for mosquito larva in flooded areas near the Snake River north of Menan.

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adult mosquito
Adult Mosquito
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old spray truck
Old Spray Truck
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new spray truck
Modern ULV Truck Treatment
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Mosquito larva
Mosquito Larva
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Dipping for larva
Inspecting Standing Water for Mosquito Larvae
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Old spray truck
Old Spray Methods
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Female mosquito taking a bloodmeal
"Female Mosquito Taking a Bloodmeal"


Thank you for visiting the website for Midway Abatement. We perform mosquito abatement for much of Jefferson County. To see if you are in our district, locate your address in the boundary map below! Some residents of Jefferson County may actually live in either Roberts MAD or Jefferson County MAD. These are denoted by the red areas on the map.

The purpose of this site is to increase public knowledge about mosquitoes and how we go about controlling them. If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.

The Midway Abatement District contracts with Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management to utilize the most effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. IPM is designed to utilize cost-effective control measures to reduce mosquito populations and the diseases they potentially carry, while being environmentally sensitive.

Communication and cooperation with property owners, residents and governmental agencies are critical components in the effort to reduce mosquito populations. Midway Abatement strives to be open and responsive to our community.

Are you in Midway Abatement District?

If you are in the yellow shaded area, you are within our jurisdiction! If you fall within one of the red zones you are either in Roberts MAD (western zone located around Roberts) or Jefferson County MAD (eastern zone located around Ririe)

Contact Info
Jefferson County MAD:   208-313-5826
Roberts MAD:       208-521-5022